Tyler Gobble


for Ben Hersey


I think of Ben

Though we’ve never eaten a sandwich together

This turkey on rye loses its crust

My teeth performing the impossible

Voila! A recognizable shape I've chewed—

Massachusetts! Ben's face! A flare into the night!

My memory of February fogged

And fogs and will fog more

Like the window behind us

Like the poem we're in together right now

Like the beer we may drink beside a river

One day Ben and I strolling somewhere

Chattering in voices we inherited

From mothers and mayonnaise

From our beer and a gal named Heather

Performing infinitely our parts of the sandwich

Ben is and was and will be the lettuce

Tucked in his hockey jersey

We will be forever mesmerized by others

Together in whatever weather the day prepares

Attractive Nuisance


L assures me that whiskey is popular

in Japan, but it is never paired with sushi.


Now, I’m not sure what she wants from me,

this day or the next, Christmas morning


or her birthday (next Thursday). So, I go

to bed without clothes on, coated


in whiskey. We are making a million babies,

but they will not be born the way you want, mom.


We will build them, then we will build them

a backyard maze of abandoned pickups,


a sanctuary for their ghostskin to roam,

trampolines of optimal bounce, refrigerators


with the doors removed, still buzzing with light

and portable yogurt, and the perimeter


of swimming pools, the most beautiful life

guards you’ve ever seen stationed at each corner,


each pool’s water rushing over the ends, each one

containing a bit of the next. There will be our children


entertaining themselves, nicknaming this place

Momma's Lil' Heaven. There will be L. It will be her birthday.


Tyler Gobble is the editor-in-chief of NOÖ Journal, chapbook editor for Magic Helicopter Press, and host of Everything Is Bigger, a reading series in Austin, TX. He has plopped out some chapbooks, most recentlyCollected Feelings, with Layne Ransom (Forklift INK), and his first full length poetry collection will be out from Coconut Books in the fall of 2014. He’s currently a poetry fellow for the Michener Center for Writers at the University of Texas. He likes disc golf, tank tops, and bacon. More at www.tylergobble.com.