laurie ludmer

What it is


We wonder what it is that makes us feel alive

wild geese laughing across an empty sky

a tree that rises through a rock ledge

a raised fist

the flicker of a butterfly


The small gods of the earth break my heart.


Between stone

between words

there is a silent ageless space

an unconscious disorder

the high art of marshland


Where ghosts walk

inside granite cracks

where green fungus clings

where my heart begins

finally to rest  


Laurie Ludmer is a poet, dance therapist and sculptor.  As a result of her career working with a wide range of older adults and her own belief in the healing power of expressive art,  Laurie is dedicated to the field of “Creative Aging.”   She is proud to consider herself an elder and hopes her poetry reflects some of the grace and truth she has lived. Laurie has been published in Rattle, The Prairie Journal, Jewish Currents, Poetica and On the Rusk