Elizabeth Savage



Everywhere there is a cushion

a spacing invitation


an arm’s breadth exit ramp

caution thrown wide to race


Anywhere there is an angle

measuring a sheet of sky


Somewhere a limit, elsewhere

fine strokes


denote a wind of suspension

of trespassing intention


Thorns will climb stems

thorns will throne leaves


acre over acre of elegy

Elsewhere there is a fastening


a note pinned to your coat

another cyclone centering


suitable for wandering

A creak of containment


not from treetops thin

with youth


something nearby

is split


and cries to itself

and churns the wind


the wind utters

a threat


but never makes good


as with a surgeon

who finds the dark


cells regrouped

deep in the ear


also beyond sight


whose instruments

can pry the skull


like the branch that cries

alike they sweep the mind


when veils fall and flow

in the forest below


the wind frets loose

the pines abound


the wind will finally

smooth it down


Elizabeth Savage is author of Grammar (2012) and Idylliad (2015), both from Furniture Press Books. Woman Looking at a Vase of Flowers, a dossier-chapbook, will be published by Verse journal this year. Since 2008, she has served as poetry editor for Kestrel: A Journal of Literature & Art.