Azia dupont

wasted tongue


It’s Monday and you’re dead in the King-sized bed

where you can sleep me away.

Dream about a world where maybe I don’t exist or at least

you and I are orbiting distant suns.

A world where you’re forever on a jungle safari,

basically something more satisfying than

anything we’ve ever built as

I raid the house in search of cake.  Whatever I can

get into this pathetic mouth of mine.

I miss all the parties

now that there’s nothing to celebrate.  The

sweet sugar icing dancing with my wasted tongue.

Mmm that’s good.

I can’t remember the last time I had an orgasm, but Mmm that’s good.

I pen you a note that says  

                        I ate 2500 calories to

                        replace you tonight. 



Azia DuPont resides with her family in their 5th Wheel RV in Southern California. She founded the small press, Dirty Chai in 2012. Her writing has appeared in Dead Flowers: A Rag | Bohemian Pupil Press, Calliope Magazine, Unbroken Journal, Squawk Back, The Screaming Sheep, Scapegoat Review, Highbrau Magazine and others. You can find her online via Twitter @aziadupont